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Lilien Postcard 'Der Judisch Mai'

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Paper Items

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Jca-3 p1 p2 10th Anniversary of the State of Israel. Philatelic Cover sponsored by the Zionist Federation in Austria. Canceled May 30, 1958. 15.00
Jca-4 p1 p2 p3 p4 Palestine Airmail Letter Sheet. Letter written by a soldier of the Jewish Brigade. Part of the 2nd Battalion Palestine Regiment. Date: December 3, 1944. British Field Post Office Cancel, December 6 with British Censor mark. 50.00
Jca-4b p1 p2 Palestine Airmail Letter Sheet. 25 Mils. Date: February 5th, 1948. Text in English from the Central University Yeshivah of Jerusalem. A request for financial support. Mentions the Bomb explosion at the Palestine Post Building of February 1st. Postmarked 2/10/1948 Jerusalem. Interesting Palestine Mandate item. (Mandate ended 5/15/48) 35.00
Jca-9 p1 p2 Anglo Egyptian Bank, Ltd. Jaffa Branch. 1923. Bank Draft for 3059 Piastres, an attractive vignette of obelisk, sphinx, pyramids and a small caravan. Two Revenue Stamps tied by Bank Cancel. 5 Mil Hedjaz Jordan Zone in green. 5 Mil Ottoman Public Debt Administration in red. Unusual item. The Palestine branches of this bank were closed in 1925. Endorsements on reverse in Arabic. 50.00
Jca-15 p1 p2 Anti-Semitic. Notgeld. Austrian. Set of 3 notes by the Austrian Anti-Semitic Bund. Reads "Germans of all political persuasions who loved their folk, and who recognized the looming danger of the Jews, and who want to fight this, join me "Anti-Semiten" Schutzverein. Enroll in the district headquarters. Read and spread the Aryan Press. 10, 20 & 50 Heller notes. Uncirculated condition. 30.00
Jca-26 p1 p2 Picture Postcard. Herzl Memorial. Commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the birth of Dr. Theodore Herzl. Dated May 2, 1935. Vienna postmark. 20.00
Jca-42 p1 Banknote. Anti-Semitic overprint on Austrian Banknotes. 1 & 2 Kronen notes from 1922. (Pick 73 & 74) "Daß Gold, daß hat die Judenbank. Der Dreck, der blieb in deiner Hand!". Accusing the Jews of owning the hard gold, leaving the worthless inflation paper in the hands of others. Pair of uncirculated notes. 25.00
Jca-46 p1 Jewish New Year card from 1917. A menorah with a star of David below. "Happy New Year" in Hebrew and English. Card with envelope postmarked Reading, PA - 1917. Printed in red, gold and black. Interesting early item. Card/Envelope: 3 1/2" x 2". 6.00
Jca-47 p1 p2 Political Propaganda item. Governnent spending/Social welfare. Printed on an image of a 1 Lira Bank LEUMI Banknote. Grade: Au. 30.00
Jca-48 p1 p2 Promotional note distributed by the Israel General Association of Merchants. Printed on a likeness of the 5 Pound Bank Leumi note. Grade: Very Fine. 30.00
Jca-49 p1 p2 Anti-Israel Propaganda note. Printed on a likeness of a US $1 Silver Certificate. Accuses the United States of financing the wealth and comfort of Israelis while the Palestinians are forced to live in poverty. Grade: Very Fine. 30.00
Jca-50 p1 Workers Bank advertising. Promotional Note distributed by the Worker's Bank. A fold-out advertising item printed on a likeness of the US $1 note. Grade: Uncirculated. 30.00
Jca-51 p1 p2 H. Kayser & Sohn. 1929. Cigarette card from a series depicting flags used by merchant vessels. A Jewish star of David with the letter "K" in the center. 40mm x 60mm. 16.00
Jca-55 p1 p2 p3 Palestine. Early coin album to house the complete set. 7 page format composed of cardboard and felt. Pages separated by glassine type paper. 25.00
Jca-61 p1 Palestine. Early letter sheet. Multicolor images of the Old City. 9 x 13". 2 folds at center. 25.00
Jca-71 p1 Print. "The Soldier ". 7 x 9 " image. Black and white. Jewish man and a boy with pais, pleading with soldier. Circa 1920. 25.00
Jca-73 p1 "Bank of the Temple Society ". Unused draft with Bank vignette at left. Two Revenue Stamps tied by "Joseph Freeman". 5 Mil Hedjaz Jordan Zone in green. 5 Mil Ottoman Public Debt Administration in red. Ck#0719. Date: 1922. 25.00
Jca-75 p1 Receipt. "Eshel Hatorah" school for torah study. Serial #6844, amount 20 Mils. Jersualem. 15.00
Jca-77 p1 Document. "Hevra Kadisha" burial society. Jersualem. 15.00
Jca-79 p1 Keren/Hayessod. Jewish National Fund Pledge Certificate. Dated 1922. A Pledge by Jacob Feldmann to donate 4,000 DM over the next 4 years. Text in German and Hebrew. 65.00
Jca-83 p1 p2 Kollel Austria Galizien. Issued in the amount of 200 Piastres. Signed and sealed by the Kollel of Austria Galizien. Serial Number 270. Tape stain at bottom. 65.00
Jca-86 p1 p2 Palestine Airgraph Service Letter Sheet. Postage paid 40 mils. Unused sheet. Seldom seen form from the Mandate period. 20.00

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