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"Judo" 2008 Olympic Games

Commemorative Coins Issued by the Bank of Israel


2008 Olympics "Judo"

Judo is another promising Olympic Sport for Israel. Out of the six Olympic medals Israel has won so far, three have been in Judo. Yael Arad won a silver medal and Oren Smaja, a bronze medal in 1992 in Barcelona, and Arik Ze'evi won a bronze medal in 2004 in Athens, proving that Israel is a strong competitor in the world arena in Judo.

The art of Judo came from Japan and was introduced into the Olympic Games in 1964. It is characterized by its spectacular throwing techniques, holds and arm locks and provides a means for developing concentration, physical coordination and a self-defense system. This enjoyable sport appeals to people of all ages and the excitement of Judo is depicted on this coin. An interesting use of polished and frosted finish creates a brilliant effect when viewed.

Israel looks forward to winning a gold medal in Judo in the Games in Beijing in 2008 and wishes all the athletes from all over the world success in achieving the Olympic Motto, "faster, higher, stronger".

Coin Description


Two contestants engaged in a match. The customary white and blue judogi worn by the competitors. "JUDO" in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Around the rim, the inscription, "The Olympic Delegation of Israel, 2008" in Hebrew and English.


The denomination, "1, 2 or 10" with the year of issue "5767/2007" and the word "Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic. The State Emblem at the top. "New Sheqel" or "New Sheqalim" beside the denomination. A Judo belt tied in a square knot below the denomination. The Proof coins mintmarked with a Hebrew 'mem' at the bottom. The Proof-like coins with a six pointed 'Star of David'.

NIS-New Israel Sheqalim

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight Mintage Price
FR 101 10 NIS Proof Gold/.917 30mm 16.96 grams 548 1125.00

Judo Proof Gold Coin Judo Proof Gold Coin

Actual gold weight:    1/2 oz.   encapsulated and housed in a custom display case from the Bank of Israel

Cat. No. Denomination Type Diameter Weight Mintage Price
SI 27 1 NIS Proof-like Silver/.925 30mm 14.4 grams 1,160 50.00
SI 27a 2 NIS Proof Silver/.925 38.7mm 28.8 grams 5,211 75.00

Judo Silver Coin Judo Silver Coin

Judo Proof Silver Coin Judo Proof Silver Coin

Each coin is encapsulated and housed in a custom display case from the Bank of Israel

Proof-Like: A Mint State coin struck on a standard quality planchet. The coin displays a mirror type finish, but of lesser degree than a full Proof strike. A small six pointed "Star of David" mintmark struck on the "Judo" coin at the bottom.

Proof: A coin which was made with special care. The coins are struck using polished dies. The planchets are specially selected and polished. The coins exhibit a mirror-like surface in the fields and a frosted appearance on the raised points of the coin. A small Hebrew 'mem' mintmark is struck on the "Judo" coin at the bottom.

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