Biblical Art Coins
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Israel Biblical Art Miniature Commemorative Coins

Biblical Art Set 2008

Gold coins from the Bank of Israel

Cat # image Date Name Denomination Mintage Price
FR 91 P1 P2 2004 Jacob and Rachel 1 NIS Proof 6,052 125.00
FR 91a P1 P2 2004 Jacob and Rachel Error 1 NIS Proof 682 250.00
FR 105 P1 P2 2007 Moses 1 NIS Proof 2,467 125.00
FR 106 P1 P2 2007 Abraham and the Angels 1 NIS Proof 1,500
out of stock
FR 107 P1 P2 2008 Isaiah "Wolf with the Lamb" 1 NIS Proof 3,302 out of stock
FR 110 P1 P2 2008 Moses "Parting of the Sea" 1 NIS Proof 1,896 125.00
FR 115 P1 P2 2009 Samson and the Lion 1 NIS Proof 4,364 125.00
FR 120 P1 P2 2010 Jonah in the Whale 1 NIS Proof 1,800 125.00
FR 126 P1 P2 2011 Elijah 1 NIS Proof 2,000 out of stock

1/25th ounce, Gold/.999, 13.92 mm, 1.244 grams

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NIS - New Israel Sheqel

Proof : A coin which was made with special care. The coins are struck on specially selected and polished planchets. They are struck using polished dies and exhibit a mirror-like surface. In the Biblical Art series, a small Hebrew 'mem' struck on the reverse of the coin.

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