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Each week new material arrives in our office. We actively trade large lots and collections. Feel free to call or email for more information. All lots carefully shipped and insured.

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Item Sample photo Description Price
LC2 P1 P2 Lot of 50 Israel 1963 Mint sets. (will exhibit some wrinkling in the plastic.) 200.00
LC15a P1 P2 Israel. 1977 Hanukka Coin. Jerusalem Lamp 10 Lirot Uncirculated. Lot of 100 coins. Cat #H12. Useful group for a Holiday promotion. (KM91.1) 160.00
LC16 P1 P2 Israel. 1958 Hanukkah 1 Lira coin. "Law is Light". Lot of 250 coins. Cat#H1. The first coin in the series. Useful group of uncirculated coins for the holiday. (KM22) 300.00
LC19 P1 P2 Israel. 1960 Hanukkah 1 Lira coin. "Kibbutz Degania". Lot of 200 coins. Cat#H2. Uncirculated group. (KM28) 300.00
LC25 p1 p2 Israel P46a. 50 Sheqalim. 1978/5738. David Ben Gurion. Lot of 100 Uncirculated Notes. 175.00
LC27 P1 Israel. P30c. 1 Lira. 1958/5718. Lot of 50 Uncirculated Notes. A fisherman carrying a net & anchor. Brown Serial #. 120.00
LC38 P1 P2 Israel. Lot of 25 Half Shekel Coins. In Ancient times, the daily wage of a Mason working on the Temple Jerusalem. Cat# HS1. Uncirculated. The coin displays a chalice from the year 68CE. Popular Masonic item. 100.00
LC39 P1 P2 Hanukka medal Key chain. Group of 25 pieces with Israel 20th Anniversary theme. Date: 1968. Struck by the Franklin mint. Italian Lamp from 17th century/ "20-The Flame of Liberty Burns On". The medal sealed in plastic. Medal: Bronze. 32mm. 12.5grams. Nice item for giveaway. Lot of 25. 50.00
LC44 P1 P2 100 Pruta. 1954. KM 18. Berne Die. Nickel Clad Steel. 25.6mm. 7.3 grams. Lot of 100 coins. Nice uncirculated lot. 185.00
LC59 P1 P2 Israel. 1949 25 Mils. Lot of 20 circulated coins. Nice group of the first coin design. The open link variety. Circulated coins that grade: Fine to Very Fine. Useful lot to assemble early type sets. 200.00
LC62 P1 P2 Israel. 1958 Menorah. Silver 5 Lirot coin. "10th Anniversary of the State". Lot of 40 coins. Cat #A1. The first silver coin in the series. Useful group of uncirculated coins for gifts. ASW: .7234. (KM21) 800.00
LC76 P1 P2 Israel. 1967 Victory. Silver 10 Lirot coin. "IDF/Six Day War". Lot of 40 coins. Cat #SI-1. Popular Military theme items. Group of uncirculated coins. ASW: .7523. (KM49) 800.00
LC82 P1 Israel. 1977 Mint sets. 29th Anniversary of the State. Lot of 40 sets. Useful school gift items. 68.00
LC96 P1 P2 Israel. Pidyon HaBen Coins. A lot of 10 circulated coins from 1972. Useful group to have on hand for the ceremony. These are used coins that will exhibit surface wear, marks, spots, hairlines, etc. consistent with circulated coins. 150.00

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