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USA Silver Commemorative Half Dollars

Commemorative coins 1892 to 1954

Graded Commemorative Coins

PDS sets & Varieties

Specialists in the Coins of Israel

Gold Coins of Israel

Gold coins from 1960 to 2011

Bank Notes of Israel

1947 to 1998. Our most popular list.

The Rarities of Israel

Items missing from most collections.

The Coins of Palestine

Coins issued from 1927 to 1946

Pidyon HaBen Coins

Silver coins from the Bank of Israel issued from 1970 to 1977

Redemption of the First Born Son

Anniversary of Independence Coin Collection

Commemorative Silver coins from 1958 to 2011

Hanukka Commemorative Coin Collection

Commemorative coins from 1958 to 1990

Purim Coins

Half Shekel coins issued for the Feast of Purim

Israel Judaic Art Commemorative Coin Series

Silver coins from the Bank of Israel issued from 1991 to 1993

Holyland Wildlife Coin Collection

Commemorative coins from 1991 to 2000

Biblical Art Coin Collection

Commemorative coins from 1994 to 2011

Special Issues and Historical Sites Coin Collection

Commemorative coins from 1967 to 2011

Mint Sets of Israel

Official Sets from the Bank of Israel

Trade Coins of Israel

Business Strikes for daily transactions.

Ancient Coins

Coins from Judaea, over 2000 years old

Philatelic - Numismatic Covers

This is a combination item that will include a commemorative coin and a historical cover from the Israel Philatelic Agency or a Special Banknote, housed in a custom plastic folder.

Lots & Collections

Useful groups for the Investor or Dealer

Israel Medals

Official Medals from the State of Israel

City Coin Medals

The series of medals issued to commemorate the Historical Cities of Israel


Unusual items of Jewish interest that make a nice addition to any collection

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